NOSH Kosher Kitchen

Jews love food, so it’s a good thing we have some of the best Kosher food here on our campus! Students are able to keep to their own Kosher standards while enjoying the benefits of a large and diverse school from to-go sandwiches in every cafe on campus to the NOSH Kosher Kitchen. In addition, Kosher food can be found at Hillel for every Shabbat and Jewish holiday.

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To reserve a room or space, available on a first come-first serve basis, please complete and submit the UConn Hillel Reservation Request form three (3) weeks in advance for approval. When reserving rooms or space for an event, UConn Hillel require you to adhere to our food policy for maintaining our building to Kosher standards.  Please note that we do not rent out our space between Friday night sundown through Saturday night sundown. Reservations can be made through Jacqui Schulefand, by email, phone 203-687-5745, or in person.

Please note that requests must be submitted three (3) week prior to the event/program/activity. UConn Hillel will accept reservation requests closer to the date of your event/program/activity, but cannot guarantee availability on short notice. 

Please refer to UConn Hillel's overview PDF document, describing the facility and its features, alongside costs, and alcohol and damage policies PRIOR to filling the reservation request form.

  • The following costs apply to reservation of room(s) and/or space:

    • Student group, non-refundable $50.00 fee required to secure reservation

    • Non-refundable reservation fee must be paid prior to date of event/program/activity

    • AV (Audio Visual) systems @ $120 per event

    • Reservations after 6:00 p.m. or on the weekend @ $15/hour, from beginning to end of your function for building staff

    • Conference Call facilities​​


We have 15 spaces to rent. If you are able to pay upfront we offer a discount on one semester or two semesters as follows. All payments are nonrefundable.



Paid in full = $500 per semester.

The price will be discounted to $900 if you choose to pay for the full year.


Paid in full = $600 per semester


The Center seeks to promote the academic and scholarly study of Jewish history, culture, and civilization in recognition of the need to bring that study to a general audience. Center activities are open to all persons, regardless of religious or ethnic background. The Center also provides opportunities for study abroad.


UConn Hillel is proud to be part of a robust community of faith-based organizations in the Storrs community.  UConn Faith is the umbrella organization that serves these organizations.  For more information, please click below! 


The Constitution is a guiding document that the student board abides by and is on record with the University. It outlines the mission of the organization, the job requirements of each board position, and how we operate, as well as giving other information necessary to be a registered student organization