Dori Jacobs

Hillel has defined my time here at UConn and made my college experience amazing. It has given me the best of friends, great leadership opportunities, and a chance to strengthen my relationship with Judaism. I am so grateful to be able to serve the community as president and ensure all other Jewish students on campus get to feel this type of connection and support.

Avital Sutin



Hillel gives me a sense of purpose at school. It has given me friends, opportunities, and a strong community that makes UConn feel more like home. I have been able to stay connected to my religion while being involved on campus!

Jeremy Weingarten

I love going to Hillel because of its warm, welcoming atmosphere. The people are all so friendly, funny and easy to talk to. I’ve always wanted to get involved at Hillel and help make a difference in the Jewish community here at UConn.

Ryan Murace



I love being at Hillel because it is where I have met my best friends. I am so grateful that I have such an unbelievably supportive, welcoming, and compassionate community in a building that has become more than a second home to me. So I joined board to serve and strengthen the community that means so much to both myself and my friends!

Allison Zweig



Hillel has been a major part of my UConn experience because it provides a community to make a large school smaller. I am so glad that I found Hillel and I am glad I am able to give back to a place that has given me so much!

Michael Berelowitz

I’m so excited to serve as Hillel’s VP of Jewish Life this coming year! In high school, I was very involved in USY, a conservative Jewish youth group, and I immediately became active in Hillel when I came to UConn to continue my Jewish involvement into college. Hillel has become my go-to place on campus, and I can’t wait to continue working to strengthen the Hillel community.

Guido Secchiaroli


I’m so excited to serve as Hillel’s VP of External Relations! For two years in high school, I was involved in JTE at the JCC of Greater New Haven, a program for Jewish teens to explore their Judaism. I joined Hillel when I came to UConn to continue my Jewish involvement at college. I'm looking forward to building connections with other campus organizations and getting more involved with Jewish life at UConn.

Jessica Baden

I am very excited to be serving as your VP of Tzedek on board this year! Growing up I was always super involved in the Jewish community through day school, USY, my temple, the JCC, camp and more. Since starting at UConn, Hillel has felt familiar and comfortable and a home away from home. 

Ross Bernstein


I love Hillel because it’s where I met some of my best friends at college and because I know I always have a place to go on campus!


Steph Ballas.jpg

Stephanie Ballas


I love Hillel because it has brought me to so many nice and amazing people that helped me adjust to UConn and really get the most out of my experience so far! And now it has given me the ability to hold a leadership position and become more involved not only in Hillel but around campus too!

Rachel Laemle


Hillel is a home away from home. Knowing that hillel is a safe community with so many friendly faces makes me even happier to be at UConn. Hillel is always holding events, which are both fun and a great way to meet new people. When missing home, wanting a hug, great food not from a dining hall, or just a chill place to hang out, hillel has it all. Coming into college as a Freshman during the pandemic school year, having Hillel as a place to go and find smiles on everyone’s face helped make my transition to UConn so much easier.


I am very excited to have my intern position. I can’t wait to meet people and become friends with new faces. Going on coffee dates and chatting with peers is a great way to bond and build tighter relationships. I am also looking forward to contributing to the Hillel community by initiating an activity for new students.

Zoe Butchen


Sam Morgenstern


UCONN Hillel and my Birthright experience provided me with a welcoming community that has put me in touch with so many amazing people. I am excited to serve as the BICEP intern this year to help bring the amazing Birthright experience to other students on campus!

Serena Riback


Hillel is one of my favorite places on campus to hang out and relax with friends after a long week of classes! As a BICEP intern, I get to help educate students about Israel and organize fun events to get them involved. My favorite part is telling others about how much fun I had on my Birthright trip, and why they should sign up to go on UConn’s trip too! I am so grateful to everyone at Hillel for providing me with a welcoming community of Jewish students to celebrate our culture with. I am looking forward to another great year!

Mackenzie Jacob


Hillel has given me so much during my time at UConn. From traveling across the world on Birthright to Shabbat dinners with my sorority sisters, to living in Israel for 3 months on Onward.  My friends from Hillel and I have made memories to last a lifetime. I got to share these memories on campus as a BICEP intern, planning events on campus to stay in touch with my Birthright bus long after we left Israel. I am so grateful for the opportunities and support that Hillel has provided me with over the years (especially the free printing and study snacks).