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Welcome Parents!

Congratulations on having a Husky student in your family! We are excited to welcome your student to campus and support his or her needs and interests in any way that we can.

It's almost as hard being the parent of a college student as it is to be the student. For 18 years you raised your child, imparting values, worrying about school and late nights. Now, your child is away, and you worry about your child's friends and choices.

The Trachten-Zachs Hillel House creates a Jewish community on campus to support your child. The majority of Jewish students attend our programs during their years at UConn. But whether or not he comes to services, whether or not she takes the free trip to Israel, whether or not he comes to our education programs, we are here. We advocate for Jewish students on campus and we create a community among Jewish students who become lifelong friends.

The bottom line for us is the same as it is for you: there isn't anyone in the world more important to us than your student. That, more than anything else, is why we are here.