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The mission of UConn Hillel, the Center for Jewish Life on campus, is to enrich the lives of students through fostering inclusive and meaningful experiential opportunities to explore Judaism and Jewish values on their own terms

Serving Jewish undergraduate and graduate students, Hillel is the center for Jewish life on campus at the University of Connecticut. Hillel is committed to a pluralistic vision of Judaism, providing unique and meaningful opportunities to students and the greater community. With committed student leadership and involvement, we aim to enrich the lives of students by nourishing Jewish identity and fostering deep connections with Israel and Jewry worldwide. Through religious, cultural, educational, and social programming, Hillel engages and empowers the next generation of Jewish people devoted to improving the Jewish community through the ideals of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world).

Hillel strives to empower students by energizing and deepening the commitment of Jewish students already participating in the religion. In addition, Hillel seeks to engage students by developing multiple opportunities or entry points into Jewish life for unaffiliated Jewish students. To be successful, Hillel must create an environment of exciting programs that compel students to join the worldwide Jewish family.



Hillel conducts market research to understand the needs of both active and inactive students. Students eager to be involved in Jewish life are empowered by Hillel with advanced resources and programs designed to enhance their Jewish identity. Students are furnished with leadership experiences and skills to build full Jewish lives on campus. They are groomed to become the next generation of Jewish leaders in Connecticut and elsewhere. Hillel obtains resources and scholarships to enable students to attend various Jewish conferences focused on empowerment.



Hillel targets students specifically through engagement programming. Hillel draws these students into Jewish life with innovative and non-traditional activities. Students are offered Jewish experiences in residence halls, fraternity and sorority houses, off campus apartment complexes, and other hot spots on campus, in addition to those housed in our Hillel building