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NOSH Kosher Kitchen
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NOSH Kosher Kitchen provides students with one of the best dining experiences on any college campus. Located in the Gelfenbien Commons dining hall right behind Hillel, NOSH is certified by the Hartford Kashrut Commission and all kosher dishes are prepared under the close supervision of our resident Mashgiachs. All kosher offerings in the dining hall are mainstreamed with the other menu alternatives so that anyone may choose to eat kosher at no additional cost - just sign up for a regular University dining plan! This also means that students can sit with their friends regardless of them keeping kosher or not.


NOSH serves kosher food every meal from breakfast on Sunday to lunch on Friday, in addition to catering Shabbat and Holiday meals at Hillel. During Passover, in conjunction with UConn Dining Services, NOSH provides students with the option to sign up for Kosher for Passover food with no additional charges to their dining plan! Gelfenbien Commons was built to accommodate a section of the dining hall to be divided off for Passover so that the area may be kashered and kept to standards for the duration of the holiday.


A common practice for students and staff involved with Hillel is daily meals together at NOSH. We are proud Jews together in and out of the Hillel building!

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