Hillel Engagement Interns

The mission of our Engagement Interns at Hillel is to offer an opportunity to connect to the community through different engagements options.  Whether it is a coffee 1:1, attending Hillel events, or even just going for a walk, we would love to meet you.  You can contact the interns listed below at engagement@uconnhillel.org or just stop by and say hello!


“I have had the immense privilege to be a part of the Hillel community during my time here at UCONN. The opportunities that have been opened to me through my involvement in Jewish life here at UCONN are incredible, and I look forward to helping other Jewish students become a part of the community which has defined my college experience”


"After just a short time, UConn Hillel has provided me with an empowering Jewish community that has truly benefited my college experience. As an Engagement Intern I have met more people at Hillel and had the privilege to connect more people with the Hillel community. I am excited to continue to expand the Hillel community through a variety of upcoming events."


"I got involved at Hillel from the beginning of my freshman year. I like to say that the free printing got me to come but at the end of the day the people were the reason I stayed! This is why I became an engagement intern, to make sure that people that want to be engaged are, and to ensure that they don’t only find a community here at Hillel but more importantly find a home away from home!"


"When I first came to UCONN, I felt a sense of isolarion, and with so many people on campus, it was difficult for me to find a setting that was comfortable for me. But to my surprise, Hillel introduced me to some of the kindes and most helpful people on campus. Hillel made a wonderful impact on my college experience and I want to return the favor by halping anyone who's looking for a place to call home"