What's Birthright? 

  • Taglit-Birthright Israel is an amazing once in a lifetime experience for Jewish students to learn about themselves, the land of Israel, and their cultural heritage. Contact our Israel Fellow Tom Barkan at for any and all questions.

  • This trip is a gift from Birthright Israel.

  • Taglit-Birthright Israel is an innovative partnership between the people of Israel through the Government of Israel, private philanthropists through the Birthright Israel Foundation and Jewish communities around the world (North American Jewish Federations, Keren Hayesod, and the Jewish Agency for Israel).


ISRAEL SUMMER TRIP! May 17, 2020 - May 28, 2020






























How much does it cost? IT'S AN ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP!

You will be required to submit a $250 deposit upon registration, however, it is fully refundable upon completion of the trip. 


How do I sign up?  Just type to apply today

Pre Registration to the Summer trip is already open! Pre-register to get early-bird swag and secure your seat with us since seats are limited.

What if that date doesn't work for me?  That's ok because UConn Hillel goes twice a year!

UConn Hillel provides a trip in the winter (end of December/early January) and again in the summer (middle/end of May).


Where do we go? Israel's main attractions alongside less touristic, but very magical places
Although all trips vary to some degree, you can check out a sample itinerary using this link

What are the terms of eligibility? 

  • Age: All participants must be between 18 and 22

  • Jewish Background: To be eligible for Birthright Israel, one must identify as Jewish and be recognized as Jewish by their local community or by one of the recognized denominations of Judaism. Applicants must also have at least one Jewish birth parent, or have completed Jewish conversion through a recognized Jewish denomination.

  • previous Israel experience: If you have traveled to Israel before but only with your family or on other personal business, you are still eligible for the trip.

  • You are not eligible if...
    If you have been to Israel for more than three months since the age of 12.
    If you were in Israel as part of a touring group, educational program, study program or an organized extended residential program since you were 18 years of age or older. There are a few programs, such as volunteering for Magen David Adom, participating in the Maccabiah games and Federation missions, that do not affect your eligibility.
    If you were born in Israel or are an Israeli citizen you are only eligible if you left Israel before the age of 12.
    If you have served in the Israeli Army or volunteered on an Israel Army base after the age of 18, you are not eligible.
    If you were born in Israel or have ever held Israeli citizenship or have held an Israeli passport you are not eligible unless you prove by official documentation that you left Israel before the age of 12. If you are accepted to the program you will need to obtain army exemption papers from your local Israeli consulate.
    If you do not hold an Israeli passport, but have Israeli parents, you must obtain army exemption papers from your local Israeli consulate.


What's better than a free trip to Israel? Getting paid to do it! 

 How does it work?

  • For every deposited referral you will get $20

  • After every 5 deposited referrals, you will receive a $200 bonus

  • Those who get 10 deposited referrals or more will be entered into a raffle to win a round trip ticket to Israel!!!

Click here to for guidelines and registration of Birthright's National Recruiter Program 

UConn Hillel offers the best trip because we are a BICEP campus!

BICEP stands for "Building Israel Connections Engagement Project", meaning we are focused on enriching and enhancing the participant experience in Israel by adding unique social action and geopolitical activities that other trips don't offer.  More than that, once the trip ends, we offer post-trip engagement by facilitating exclusive BICEP community events and programs in an effort to provide the Birthright Israel participants a deeper and even more meaningful connection to Israel! Learn more here.

Meet your 2018-2019 BICEP Interns!

Hi! My name is Mackenzie Jacob, and I am a sophomore Business student. Currently, I am focusing on Finance and Digital Marketing and Analytics with plans to work in entertainment management.

This past summer I went on Birthright through UConn Hillel, and the experience reinforced my lifelong connection to Jewish values. As the first person in my family to ever visit Israel, I made it my mission to entirely immerse myself in the land, the people, and the culture. Touring Israel alongside fellow UConn students made the trip even more meaningful. Returning to Storrs in the fall is all the more exciting now that I’ll be joined by my Birthright family.

Signing up for Birthright encouraged me to extend my time in the holy land and to discover life as a local. I was accepted to Onward Israel as a Marketing Intern, and I spent the remainder of the summer working in Jerusalem and exploring the country.

Birthright was my first introduction to Israel, and after spending 3 months abroad, I truly consider it a home away from home. As a BICEP intern, I cannot wait to share my travels with the UConn Jewish community. I hope to encourage the members of my trip to stay engaged and to inspire others to take the trip of a lifetime!

Contact Mackenzie Jacob at


My name is Elana Volfinzon and I am a sophomore studying Allied Health Sciences. In the future, I aspire to attend medical school in hopes of becoming a physician.


Growing up, I’ve heard many amazing stories from older friends about their experiences traveling to Israel, and I was eager to experience the country with my own perspective. After going on birthright this summer, I developed a connection with this nation, the people, and the culture of Israel. It was so special for me to be traveling with fellow students who shared the same curiosity and zest for exploring this country, many of whom traveling to Israel for the first time like me.


When I came back to UConn the following semester, I was inspired to take a more active role within Uconn Hillel. As a BICEP intern, I hope to motivate members of my trip to continue to develop their formed relationships to Israel and also inspire others to do the same. I also hope to keep the members of my trip interconnected through various events and dinners!

Contact Elana at

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