About UConn Hillel

When one thinks about the college “experience,” the first thing that comes to mind is one’s social life. For Jewish students, nowhere else on campus is better than Hillel.


UConn Hillel is the center for Jewish life on campus. With committed student and staff leadership, we aim to provide unique and meaningful opportunities for nearly 2,000 Jewish college students, as well as for the greater community. From the moment you walk in the door, you are a part of our diverse, welcoming and comfortable community. Students are encouraged to explore and celebrate their Jewish identity on their own terms, but Hillel helps give students the experiences needed to succeed in life on campus, and in life long after they graduate. We are committed to a pluralistic vision of Judaism that embraces all movements from Reform to Orthodox.


Hillel is one of the most well-known student organizations on campus and is not just confined to our building, the Trachten-Zachs Hillel House; students create community wherever they go on campus. You can experience Hillel with events in the Student Union and on Fairfield Way, with friends in the dining hall, dorms and on Birthright, on coffee dates with staff, and globally with our widespread network of alumni. Any student may participate in Hillel - no membership is required.


We have something for every student through an array of religious, cultural, political, educational, and social programming. Students can participate in a community service project, express themselves artistically, attend a social event, or engage in religious services and learning. We start off the semester strong with our popular Welcome Weekend, including Friday night dinner for incoming freshman, a BBQ on Sunday for the entire new and returning community, and a freshman bonfire. Hillel aims to keep students engaged for the rest of the year with other great events such as weekly Shabbat celebrations, our annual Hummus Experience cook-off competition, Beit Cafe open-mic night, IsraelFest and biannual Taglit-Birthright trips to Israel, guest speakers and discussions, and so much more! Whether you want to study, sleep, watch Netflix, play pool, meet people, or learn about Judaism - Hillel is the place to be! Hillel is driven by student interest and leadership; if you have an idea let us know! Hillel is what you make of it.